Pacific Signaling is committed to increasing the safety and communication capabilities of facilities - exceeding all regulatory and monitoring requirements.

We understand each facility is unique in its needs for quality, access and solutions.

Since our founding in 1981 our focus has been to increase the quality of communication systems beginning with fire and life safety. Contact us to take your building to a new level and make servicing, monitoring and operating your building simple.

Our goal is to continue progressing the quality of life safety and facility safety services available to the marketplace. This means increasing the quality of existing devices, installing at the highest quality for new installations, and pursuing optimal hardware and software solutions.

We’re just getting started

We are extremely proud of what our team has been able to accomplish so far.

Partner with Building Reports to help inventory every building we service

Create monitoring solutions saving customers 10x their average service contract

Parter with over 10 top Hospital Campuses in California alone

Enable buildings to alert stakeholders about previously unknown risks and needs

Provide Testing and Inspection solutions capable of satisfying any Authority Having Jurisdiction requirements

Adding security to highly sensitive environments

Combined Fire Alarm and Fire Sprinkler Inspection Services

Come work with us!

Operate with integrity. Rise to the occasion. Work together to win. These are a few of our values. If they sound like yours, and you want to help build a great company with amazing customers, let’s talk.
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